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  • Do you have any homemade vegan items?
    Yes we do! More than the majority of our breads are vegan, 2 of our pizzas are vegan, we have a delicious variety of salads, and of course - coffee and plant-based milk options! ! If you have plans to visit us, feel free to give us a call and place your order 24h before to have more options catered to you!
  • Anything Gluten free?
    Yes! We try to bake for everyone 😋, although when it comes to in house items, we aren't certified gluten-free becase of the high risk of cross contamination. Apart from our great variety of imported gluten free products, you can come in store and ask for our Brutti e Buoni cookies (made from mixed nuts, egg whites and sugar) or our Cubaita (an almond nougat bound by honey). As for items that aren't completely gluten free but are low in gluten, we have a spelt bread or a buckwheat bread, which only contain 20% white, unbleached and untreated biological flour!
  • Are delivery services offered?
    Yes! You can have your food contactlessly delivrered right to your office or doorstep through Uber Eats
  • Can our terrace be reserved for private events?
    Absolutely! Feel free to call in-store for any inquiries about private events!
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