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Holiday Services

Catering to your corporate or personal needs with the help of Forno West this holiday season!


Gift Baskets

Customizable to any budget, our gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation to those around you! Come in store to personalize your basket or let us take care of it for you!


Christmas logs

Christmas logs are a staple for every holiday spread! Bring extra festivity to your table this holiday season, or be the best guest ever and bring one to your host. 

Homemade Panettone

Apart from being fresh and delicious, our homemade panettone are made with unbleached, organic flour and with no preservatives (not that it needs any for how quickly it gets eaten anyway). It's staple flavours are natural, chocolate chips and raisin, but we usually have an additional seasonal flavour.


Imported Panettone

While our homemade panettone are genuinely amazing, we still love our imported ones. Produced and packaged in different parts of Italy, these delectable imports are a must have! They can also be included in a Christmas basket! 



Want to spend extra time with your family this holiday season? We'll take care of the food! Let us know how many people you're looking to host and if you're interested in several courses, finger foods, sandwiches, desert, or if you have other needs! We're here to give you a hand.


Corporate Events

Looking to thank your employees and give back during the holiday season? Forno West has the perfect ideas for you! From gift baskets, to gift cards, to individual products gift wrapped or staff lunch, reach out to our store managers for ideas in accordance with your budget and preferences. We've got what you need.

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